Negative Self Image

Why choose a Negative Self-Image Coaching Program?

A Negative Self-Image Coaching program is often aimed at coachees who suffer from so-called “Negative Self-Image” symptoms.

In practice, the causes of this are not only very diverse, but also very different for each individual.

However, through a series of coaching sessions, extremely positive and lasting results can be achieved, whereby the chance of falling back into old behaviors and patterns can be significantly reduced.

For whom is coaching suitable?

Coaching is for anyone who wants to function more powerfully, purposefully and effectively.
Is willing to look in the mirror and get started with what is needed to achieve the desired goals.

What does a Coaching process look like?

The process starts with formulating a number of clear desired goals:

  • What would you like to achieve?
  • What would you like to develop?
  • How would you like to develop yourself?

If you are not yet able to formulate these questions clearly for yourself, I will of course help you with that.

Then, in each coaching session, we will work with examples of events and situations and I will teach you how to deal with them in a successful and effective way.

Examples of problems you may encounter:

Constant negative self-talk:

  • You have an inner critic that constantly criticizes you and puts you down.
  • You focus on your mistakes and shortcomings, and forget about your successes.
  • You talk to yourself in a way that you would never say to another.

Lack of self-confidence:

  • You constantly doubt your own abilities and worth.
  • You are afraid to make mistakes and take risks.
  • You avoid challenges and new experiences for fear of failure.

Avoidance of social situations:

  • You feel uncomfortable in social situations and avoid contact with others.
  • You are afraid of rejection and criticism.
  • You feel like you don’t belong to others.

Difficulty receiving compliments:

  • You don’t believe compliments or dismiss them.
  • You think people don’t really like or respect you.
  • You focus on the negative aspects of yourself, even when others compliment you.


  • You strive for perfection and are never satisfied with your performance.
  • You set unrealistic goals for yourself and are disappointed when you don’t meet them.
  • You are very self-critical and punish yourself for your mistakes.

Comparison drive:

  • You constantly compare yourself to others and feel inferior.
  • You focus on the successes of others and your own shortcomings.
  • You feel jealous of the happiness and success of others.

Lack of self-compassion:

  • You are yourself and don’t forgive yourself for your mistakes.
  • You talk to yourself in a way that you would never say to another.
  • You have trouble seeing your own positive traits.

Fear of failure:

  • You are afraid to take risks and try new things for fear of failure.
  • You avoid challenges and opportunities that take you out of your comfort zone.
  • You postpone your goals or give up on them for fear of failure.

Difficulty setting boundaries:

  • You have trouble saying no to others, even if it’s at the expense of yourself.
  • You let people go beyond your boundaries and take advantage of you.
  • You feel guilty and obligated to help others, even if it harms your own needs.

Let’s have an introductory meeting and see if I can help you with that!


The minimum fee for a personal coaching program, usually 7 sessions (90 minutes per session) is € 3.500,00 excl. VAT. Because a coaching process is always tailored to the individual wishes, the number of sessions may vary.

What can you expect from me?

That I work in a Respectful, Personal, Confrontational and Goal-oriented way.

Are you curious about what I can do for you?

One of the most important factors of a successful coaching process is the click between coachee and coach. I attach great importance to a good personal click, so every process starts with an introductory meeting.

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