About me

Welcome to my world of exploration and self-discovery, where I invite you to seek to unravel the profound mysteries of existence.

A deeply fulfilling search that revolves around questioning everything while remaining open-minded. Life itself is a vast and intricate dance of patterns, and my gift lies in understanding and interpreting them. I find profound meaning in repetition, recognizing that mastery and wisdom emerge from pursuing what I love relentlessly.

As I journey through life, I seek to inspire people like yourself to remain open-minded and explore the depths of your own understanding. I aim not to provide solutions but to expose doubts and fears so that you can find your unique path.

My vision and mission in life

My ability to see both sides of every issue allows me to offer truly informed perspectives.

Life, I believe, is akin to a grand play, and we are merely actors on its vast stage.

The world may seem real, but I understand that it is a fascinating illusion.

My role is to use this illusion wisely, learning from it and discovering the eternal truths that lie beneath the surface.

The pursuit of knowledge and inner wisdom is the key to dispelling ignorance.

I am not the body, the senses, or the mind; rather, I am a timeless soul temporarily residing in a physical vessel.
I use this temporary form to fulfill my purpose and strive for liberation.

Life is an extraordinary journey of patterns and illusions, and I embrace it with courage and wisdom.

As I grow, learn, and discover, my ultimate desire is to share my enlightenment with others, guiding them towards their true selves and helping them manifest their fullest potential effortlessly.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, let us walk together on this path of wisdom and understanding.

Remember, in the grand play of life, each step we take brings us closer to the eternal truth that resides within us.

Frederik de Lang

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“Complex emotions want to be lived. Be courageous...!”

What others say about me


“I got to know Freek during a training course “the manager as a career coach”, which was given internally within our organization.  I immediately felt at ease with Freek. His empathy, ability to reflect, empathy with people, but especially Freek as a human being, inspired me enormously. It also answered a number of questions that had been on my mind for quite some time: among other things: “why am I actually here on earth?” “why do I have these specific feelings, why do I block these feelings in my actions?” During the training, which was in a group setting, I made myself vulnerable and thanked him in a personal note. Freek picked up this signal in a very honest way.  There was a “click”.

I have read several books, followed training courses (with a coaching character) but it was just not it. I decided to start a very intensive coaching process with Freek, and at the end of that process I felt “reborn”. They sometimes say “coaching is a profession”. That is absolutely true. Coaching is a profession, but Freek has made this profession his passion/calling. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a natural talent, and rare in his profession. I am convinced, and that is also my experience, that the person who enters a process with Freek, and with the right and open attitude “cooperates” with him, is definitely loosened up a lot, given the right place, you are put in your personal power, so that they will accelerate on a personal and business level. Freek is highly recommended!. Thank you Freek! You are a pure and beautiful person with a natural talent for coaching, both in individual trajectories and in groups.


“Freek was one of the key facilitators in Get Engaged, a program for about 3000 leaders about leading yourself and others in times of constant change in the Netherlands. His score in the participant evaluation was very good. As the program manager I remember Freek as a facilitator you can count on. He is very honest and will do all he can to make the most of it for every participant. Freek is very flexible and can bring a wide range of learning & experience tools in a very personal and characteristic way. I enjoyed working with Freek and will be happy to work with him again occasionally.”


“Of course, I went into the training with a certain reservation with Freek a few months ago, another sales training. But this one was different, because of Freek. Freek knows how to touch you, at first you think it’s a trick but Freek is one of the few trainers in this world who is real, everything comes from himself, not from a book. The essence of the training as Freek gives it is that in the end everything comes from yourself, your strength, your feelings, your emotions, your leadership is something you have to bring out from yourself. Even a few months after the training I am still in contact with Freek and he helps me with certain issues, so a long-term relationship. So what he trains is also what he is, and you can’t say that about many trainers.”


“I had 4 coaching sessions with Freek. I went into it with a lot of skepticism, but the coaching sessions were really instructive for me. I dare say it was my best investment of 8 hours in the past years. It’s really nice to talk to someone who really makes you feel like they’re just there for you. No agenda of your own, but genuinely interested in you as a person. Freek listens and knows exactly how to get to the heart of the matter. It is important that you are open to help and coaching. A lot of things that are discussed seem very simple when Freek tells them, but they really hit the nail on the head. In my case, it was also directly applicable and that makes it a lot of fun, because between 2 sessions you see immediate results and can give feedback again, in order to be able to make the next improvement. I learned a lot in the 4 sessions with Freek. Especially about myself and that in turn has an impact on how I deal with others. Freek, thank you for this fantastic experience and I congratulate everyone who chooses Freek as a coach. You’ve picked a great investment!”


“Freek is a beautiful man. I followed the training ‘Know your Strength’ with him. He designed the training in a special way, in which he worked creatively with the training set-up. He managed to continuously captivate the group of about 10 people in a very inspiring way (also during the breaks). Personally, he held up a mirror to me at various times during the training in a very sharp, honest way. He timed and dosed the mirrors well. Finally, Freek supports his training with stories from personal experience, which indicate that he also does what he tells us. All in all, Freek has given me the feeling that the personal attention and well-being of his students is paramount to him. In short: As far as I’m concerned, he has given me the right spirit.”


“The conversations with Freek were a lot of fun. I thought I was a fairly complete person, but through the conversations with Freek, a number of areas emerged that I can and should work on to make myself happier and more complete. I really like this and would actually like to have such a series of sessions arranged to be able to bring neglected areas to my attention and then work on them. In short, very positive and definitely recommended for everyone. In my opinion, reflecting on yourself every now and then is very good and has a greater impact if you do this under the guidance of a professional. For myself, I will make sure that I regularly call in this help, about once every two years, or if I need it. Thanks!”


“I really enjoyed the coaching process by Freek, because of the extremely professional, but also accessible approach. Freek was able to quickly get to the heart of the subjects, to uncover the most important (pain) points, and to make me think about them. By asking the right questions, I had enough food for thought after each session to fill the rest of the day (if not the weekend). At the end of the three sessions, I have the feeling that I have learned more about myself, have come to a good self-insight, and have tools on how I want to continue with my points for improvement in the coming years. Furthermore, there is still a general feeling of inspiration and energy after the sessions. Thank you!


“Every good trainer develops their own unique style. So is Freek. With NLP and experience as a basis, Freek challenges you to look in your own mirror during training. The fact that Freek has gained his experiences from different angles shines through in his training. Spirituality, sobriety, objectivity and spontaneity alternate. Freek’s way of working is most characterized by the way in which he confronts. Freek assumes your own responsibility and accepts no excuses. He keeps asking questions, until you pick up your part. Confrontational but also enlightening.  As soon as you pick up your share, you can do something with it. I can wholeheartedly recommend Freek!”


“Dear Freek, I followed the Mental Selling Power training. Like so many others for such a training, I traveled to Utrecht with skepticism. After the training, this turns out to be completely unjustified. The insight to approach everything that is always the best choice has changed my actions. Tackling difficult and annoying situations earlier or even adequately is a clear consequence of the 2-day training. To make the choice to handle and solve a similar situation gives a much greater sense of satisfaction than a daily activity that actually always or often goes well. It gives a much more pleasant feeling not to take things with you and to act freely without unnecessary stressors. Your way of training and the extra time after the drinks has had an effect on me. I hope that I can expand this further to take the next step towards an Account Manager / Sales Manager who earns respect from customers and colleagues through his actions. Thanks!”

“Complex emotions want to be lived. Be courageous...!”

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