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Executive Coaching

As an Executive Leader, you have business responsibility and are the point of contact for the colleagues around you.
The questions that then arise after a while are:
How do you keep yourself sharp?
With whom can you brainstorm in confidence?

Confidential, Personal, Confronting, Sharp and Purposeful.


Excellent Leadership

As a leader, it's often lonely at the top.

The flush is thin if you want to spar about your personal development issues. Where do you get your inspiration?

Who can you have a personal conversation with about business issues? Brainstorming about your own ambitions and goals for the future and how you want to achieve them?

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Excellent Salesmanship

An "Excellent Salesmanship" coaching program is based on the "Consultative Selling" methodology.

A methodology that is guaranteed to help you get the maximum return from your sales efforts.

If you want to give your sales results a significant and structural boost, this coaching program is a No-Brainer!

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Personal Leadership

Do you want to discover who you truly are?

Where you are now and where you are headed?

Do you want to function more powerfully and effectively?

Are you willing to look at yourself in a crystal clear mirror?

Personal, Respectful, Confrontational and Purposeful

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Help, support and guidance regarding:

Examining the causes of stress and learning to manage them.

(Re)discovering energy sources and reclaiming them.

Examining the causes of work-life imbalance and restoring the balance.


Negative Selfimage

Help, support and guidance regarding:

Examining the causes of the "Negative Self Image and learning to deal with it in a constructive way.

To (re)discover one's own energy sources, underlying qualities and to regain these.

Examine the causes of imbalance in work and/or private life and restore balance.



Help, support and guidance regarding:

Explore the causes of stress and learn to manage them.

(Re)discovering the sources of energy and reclaiming them.

Examine the causes of work-life imbalance and regain balance.



For partners in a relationship who do not want to give up just because Love has not been flowing for a while.

For partners who want to understand their role in the dynamics that have arisen and are willing to explore ways in which they can exert their influence to rekindle the sacred fire in the relationship.

For partners who first want to learn how to be full of love and acceptance for themselves and thereby reconnect with love and acceptance for their partner.


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