Sales and “the Art of Influencing”


This concise E-book has been created to support and guide you in your journey towards achieving greater success. Coaching is essential for everyone, and this e-book serves as my way of coaching you by reminding you of what you already know, helping you refocus on those important aspects, and equipping you with effective tools that can elevate your career and drive your results to new heights.

In the supplementary section, you will have the opportunity to become more acquainted with me on a personal level and gain insights into my own journey and personal growth. These experiences have shaped my knowledge and expertise as a trainer and coach.

In addition to this personal introduction, I have also incorporated certain frameworks that typically come before any type of coaching. These frameworks serve as the foundation for self-awareness and provide concepts that aid in the development of self-reflection.

I am eager to hear about the influence this E-book has had on your sales career.
Please share your experiences with me.

Now, let’s begin!

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