Lead From Behind: The Unexpected Path to Greatness

Forget the image of the hero charging ahead.

True leaders, Lao Tzu suggests, walk behind.

It’s not about dominance, but empowerment. By following your team, you see the path through their eyes, understand their struggles, and anticipate roadblocks.

Walking behind allows you to mentor and coach, guiding them with wisdom, not dictates.
It fosters trust and collaboration , unleashing the collective brilliance of your team.

This leadershipstyle isn’t about weakness.
It’s about knowing your role: to support, inspire, and remove obstacles.
It’s about letting your team shine, knowing you’ll be there to catch them if they stumble.

So, step back.
Let your team take the lead.

You might be surprised at the heights they – and you – can reach.

Have a beautiful and inspirational day,
greetings from the heart,

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